What features should we build next?

Tell us what we should focus next on. Usability improvements? Topics to cover in our tutorials? Are there features that you are missing?

Parameter to change Google Sheet input

In order to take advantage of ZeroWork's repeatable workflows, the input is generally the only thing that will change when doing repeatable data cleaning. In my case, I am trying to run the bot to modify different Google Sheets to clean the data to my specifications with reliability and consistency every month. In order to change the Google Sheet as input each time for a workflow, it appears I have to create a new table from a Sheet before I can start. Then I have to modify the step in the workflow to reference the new table. Being able to specify the Google Sheet link as a parameter for input and dynamically create the table would save time. And potentially set up the ability to loop through multiple spreadsheets in one workflow if the table can be dynamically created and the created table referenced in the workflow perhaps as a variable.

Steve Lynch 2 days ago

Search across TaskBots (OR download list of TaskBot blocks)

I want to search across all my TaskBots to find any and all instances of a string (in my case, it's because I have to fix something everywhere). An initial solution could be just to indicate which TaskBots have that string, not necessarily where in the TaskBot that string is. Added later: An alternative idea that may be more broadly useful is to let us download a list of the blocks in the TaskBot, including the values we've entered into each block's fields. It will be too cumbersome to try to represent the flow with all the paths and arrows, so just a flat list of blocks is fine. Then we can review and search these files using our tool of choice (e.g. Google Sheets, text editor)

zeroworkme 5 months ago